Take Charge of

Your Pelvic Health.

Take Control of Your Life

Empowering, Exciting and Effective Pelvic Health Workshop for Women seeking to Cure Urine Leaks, Eliminate Belly Bulge, and Improve Relationship

Who Should Join The

Get To Know Your Pelvic Workshop?

This workshop is for you if you have experienced any of these:

Reduced Sexual


Frequent Toilet Visits

Urine Leaks


Back Pain

Stubborn Belly


Do you have Pelvic Health Problems?

Symptoms - What your Body is Trying to Tell You

Anatomy - The Changes Beneath the Symptoms

Solutions- How to Effectively Overcome Pelvic Health Problems

What Will I Gain from the Get To Know Your Pelvic Workshop?

How to Prevent and Cure Urine Leaking

How to Improve Relationship

How to Tone Abs, Glutes and Thigh 

How to Overcome Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain 

How to Strengthen Pelvic Floor on Your Own 

Correct Method to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Effectively

Symptoms and Causes of Weak Pelvic Health

Health Tips and Tricks you can Immediately Apply

Feel Confident & Energetic

Improve Pelvic Health and Satisfaction of Life

Feel Empowered to Manage Health and Live Well

Live Demonstration & Conducted by Medical Professional

Medical knowledge made easy and simple for you

Immersive Pelvic Exercise Session with Physiotherapist

Hands-on guidance on correct posture and the most effective positions for optimal pelvic activation

"...I urge women to take charge of their pelvic health early and often as the benefits are profound and life changing..."


Co-Director, Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health

Director, Clinical Trials, Division of Urology, Adjunct Professor of Surgery University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

-Dr Diane K. Newman

The Pelvic Care Professionals

Award Winning

Recipient of the prestigious MDEA

Global Standards

FDA (USA), CE (EU), TGA (Aus), HSA (Sg) Cleared & Approve

Professional and Specialized

Dedicated Team of Medical Professionals

Clinically Proven Pelvic Solutions & Therapies

Effective, Safe & Non-Invasive

Medical Practitioners’ Trusted Partner in Pelvic Care

Superior Efficacy & Expertise

Passionate & Committed to Women’s Health & Wellbeing

What The Participants Say

I learned a lot about my Pelvic Floor such as the symptoms, causes and how to treat it. I wish I have heard about it earlier as a prevention before it’s too late. Pelvic floor exercise is not easy to do, and we need guidance on how to do it correctly. The physio showed us step by step to squeeze our muscles which was very helpful.

Mei Ling, 50s

The highlight of the workshop for me was seeing a Pelvic Model which is something entirely new for me. It opened my eyes and I gained good understanding on how the Pelvic Floor Muscles work while looking and touching the model.

Kavitha, 40s, Business Woman

The workshop was fun and meaningful. Everyone was very open to listen and share their own experience. I learned the importance of pelvic floor exercise and how to do it correctly. The Pelvic Health Consultants were very friendly, and I felt comfortable talking to them. I also get to make a lot of new friends

Maria, 30s, Housewife with 2 Kids

After attending this workshop, I understand why I have urine leakages. Their Women’s Pelvic Care Physiotherapist taught us how to squeeze our pelvic floor muscles. It was not easy but with some guidance and tips, you will be able to do it correctly. Vibrance also offers treatments that can help women like me.

Karen, 60s

27th October 2018 OR

17th November 2018

2 hrs

2:30pm - 4.30pm

Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre

139 Jalan Maarof Bangsar

59000 Kuala Lumpur


RM 110 /person

RM 190 /pair


Bring a friend! Enjoy this special offer when you book 2 slots

Join other women in this intimate workshop and enjoy better pelvic health and well-being.

Fun, Interactive and Empowering!




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